• The WMS system implemented with the help of consulting SCM is being very important for our company Accumulators Moura S A.

    We have two distinct moments in the management of productive stocks, one before and one after the WMS.

    Currently we can control the level of inventory of supplies more effectively. We had gains in inventory, we increased warehouse productivity, increased reliability and consequently improve the care of our customer. Because the system allows dynamic addressing, reduce the possibility of increased building area to control the materials, ie, reduced potential investments in new buildings.

    Francisco Carlos Arrais Silva

    Supervisor of Materials

    Acumuladores Moura S.A

  • We are customers of SCM Concept since birth. Company that always provides the best solutions, combining logistics concepts our needs.

    Jean M. Weiss

    Systems analyst

    Condor S.A

  • We decided to implement our warehouse management system with the SCM team considering his vast knowledge on the subject and the high capacity of project management. Able to implement the project in a timely manner which ensured the success expected with a high degree of satisfaction … Homologamos SCM as our solutions provider for WMS.

    Mota Fernandes

    Manager T.I

    Tintas Iquine

  • The WMS is a key tool for the success of our operations. The SCM has become a strategic partner for Cadence, assist us in using this tool in the search for new technologies and process improvement. With a qualified team, the SCM has the distinction market your commitment to the customer, providing an agile and effective.

    Helvécio Rodolfo Deitos

    Manager T.I.