The SCM Concept for your company offers the following products and services:

  • WMS implementation

wms2Aiming to provide a gain in operating activities of storage and dispatch management in various companies in this competitive market, the SCM Concept presents with your team to support and direct the implementation of the WMS system.

According to Gartner and other market benchmark, the tool with the WMS via automation data collector present numerous gains your company:

- 99,5% of accuracy in Inventory

- 50%reduction of Inventory

- 20% a 40% reduction in Workforce

- 10% a 20% Increased Physical Space Warehouse


In a scenario so competitive these days, these tools become a differentiator create opportunities for market growth.

Currently we are market leaders in product deployment TOTVS-DATASUL-WMS. Our professionals have successfully implemented this activity throughout the national territory and abroad (USA, Mexico, Paraguay and Argentina).


folder_developmentBesides proporcial deploying WMS in your company, we also have several tools (plug-in) that allow to improve and monitor tool TOTVS-DATASUL-WMS. Graph Viewer, Banks and Historic Manager WMS are some of the improvements we have to offer to customers who have already deployed the WMS.

These tools promote a gain operational and greater control of the entire drive system easily and safely.


middle-Architecture-Consulting-iconWe have the science that every corporation has a unique feature in the global market. This way our team has been providing software development services that are appropriate to limit the ERP tool presents in your company. We promote the development to make its activity within the system as simple as possible through implementations / customizations aimed at optimizing its operational performance.

We develop solutions according to your needs, all tailored for you!

  • CONSULTING Business

business-consulting-iconOur professionals are extensively trained to offer a full service consulting business. This work aims to optimize and provide solutions in several large areas in the logistics field. We follow the methodologies most recognized on the world stage.

Our experience is proven through numerous certifications (for entities worldwide recognition) and the main: RESULTS.

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