Founded in 2010, the SCM Concept was born with a vast background of knowledge and experience in the deployment of WMS. Its founders came from the professional development team DATASUL WMS, which did not adhere to the incorporation TOTVS. Thus, the initial activities were based on the consultancy and development projects with WMS via the Data Collection Automation.

In order to offer proprietary products to its customer base, the SCM Concept sought in mid-2011 in Softville the necessary support to accelerate their new business. Products and components to the various WMS became part of the company’s portfolio.

In early 2012 the partnership with Microsoft was made official, and since then has been developing products in the latest and most robust tools available in the software market.

In 2013 the SCM Concept began to focus on participation in fairs and exhibitions to present to the public their products and services. Among them are: PROMAT (Chicago / USA), Bit (Porto Alegre / RS), CeMat (São Paulo / SP), Movimat (São Paulo / SP) and ExpoGestão (Joinville / SC). Being present and being recognized as a provider of logistics solutions is a strategy for success.

The future is through planning, and thus the SCM Concept has been designing its growth by meeting the strengthening of its clients through the excellence of its products and services. Always focusing on your customers and adding value logistics in various industrial sectors.