• Operadores logísticos voltam olhares para o marketing promocional

    18 de December de 2017, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    Segmento já movimenta aproximadamente R$ 44 bilhões por ano com empresas como a Pacer Logística, que auxilia campanhas de varejo em todo o Brasil Lançar um produto simultaneamente em milhares de lojas de um país continental é uma tarefa que exige uma operação logística assertiva. São milhões de brindes, totens, folhetos, cartazes, pontos de exposição que precisam ser ...

  • 9 trends for the technology market that should intensify in 2016

    21 de December de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    Smartphones replacing our portfolio, more powerful cameras, more capacity to store your data. They seem to things that can not be news to many people, but for SanDisk these are some of the concepts that promise to further intensify in the coming year. The company listed nine expectations of the IT market in the coming months and consumer ...

  • Logistics and technology: the perfect equation for e-commerce

    10 de September de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    Create an e-commerce to sell goods and services electronically is a simple task nowadays. There are several available platforms in which to set up shop and start selling it is a matter of a few hours. Disclose the site has also become something less complex, thanks to the possibilities opened up with social media and digital marketing.

  • The time is now. Invest in management

    4 de August de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    One of the first actions that many business owners adopt in times of crisis is the cost reduction. Often this involves reducing investments, which in some cases may be a mistake. Think of management systems, for example. We live today in an extremely worrying macroeconomic scenario. Brazil is experiencing an economic crisis, politics and ethics. A number ...

  • Meios de comunicação e o avanço da Internet

    3 de August de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    The search for information has always been a characteristic of human beings. The older system of mass communication is the radio: it can, through frequency or amplitude modulated (FM or AM), transmit information to thousands of people. His most famous successor is television, broadcasting sound and image by VHF (Very High Frequency - Frequency Very High) and UHF ...

  • Technology: an ally in times of crisis

    29 de July de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    The deepening economic crisis in the country has led Brazilian companies to take measures to ensure the expected margins or at least mitigate losses. These initiatives often spend by reviewing costs and internal procurement and logistics processes. A great ally are the technological solutions in supply chain management, which today offer a low cost, potential gains for companies ...

  • The technology for the reduction of energy consumption

    28 de July de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    ... In recent months much has been discussed about the water crisis and energy supply in Brazil, and today the consumer is already feeling the account the practical effect of the problem. The recent increases authorized by ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) increased the value of the electricity bill in all regions of Brazil, some reaching 28.7%. But ...

  • What motivates your team?

    27 de July de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    The word time is motivation. Every day new techniques are created, assessments, games, everything that the team has the motivation necessary for day to day and can deliver the desired results, right? No. For me, motivation is something else. The motivation is personal, comes from within and not from without. And how to know which is your ...

  • How IT service providers can come into harmony with customers

    24 de July de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    ... In recent years, many providers of IT services have succeeded in evolving the support break / fix to managed service providers and are already beginning to see the financial benefits in making this transition. And to succeed in this, it is assumed that they are working in harmony with its customers. Ie are delivering the support that ...

  • 4 Tips to set up a home office policy

    23 de July de 2015, by , Posted in News, 0 Comment

    ... It is not today that we hear (and) on the benefits of home office. The concept has been around for some time, but few companies put it into practice. It is rare to find a company in Brazil that, in fact, raise this flag. To get an idea, the Top Employers Institute indicated that 15% of Brazil ...

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